Desperately seeking

By clickychick


Mr S. Hawk seems to like coming to sit on the squirrel feeder. Perhaps he's hoping to see Mrs H. Sparrow or Mr B. Tit. I don't think he'd have minded bumping into either. Mr W. Pigeon wasn't hanging about to be find out!

I happened to be standing by the window and was wondering what to blip when I saw something fly through our garden. Now, you have to understand, things don't normally fly through our garden. They fly into our garden, enjoy our hospitality and then fly out of our garden.

Something flew through our garden again! We knew what it would be. We waited for it to come back again, we know where it likes to perch.

My camera was still in the car from this morning but The Man's new Pentax was beside me on the table, with the right lens on. I hoped the settings would be suitable, I didn't have time to check!

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