By BernardYoung

His Excellency

When His Excellency rose up
and began to tower
over the avenues and cul-de-sacs
and then began to dwarf
the mansions and palaces
and office blocks
the folk on the street
became creepy-crawlies
who got under his feet.
They were afraid
of how big he’d become
and strove to please Him;
lights in the offices
and factories
and government buildings
burned all night.
Everyone worked and worked and worked.

Once a week crowds gathered
to sing his praises;
some fell to their knees
and prayed –
to Him!

But in basements
and secret places
braver souls plotted
and dreamed of his downfall.

Walls, of course, have ears.
When rumours reached him
he fumed and roared.
He belched out filth
and vowed that he would come down hard
on any who tried to topple him.

And so His rule continues:
he hits the headlines,
he makes the news,
he raves, he rants and fails
to behave

Good Things Happen To Bad People

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