By dogwithnobrain

And the world. Would be a better place

Today was the haircut before the holiday.

My hair is probably as long as it has been in ages; and I have decided to try and make it a little longer .

Roots were sorted - my hair is so thick it took an hour and a half to get them all in! It was set; washed and then P set to work she trimmed a little off the ends; cut into the ends to make the most of my bendy hair; and thinned it out a bit

Then it was Dried bouncy with sea salt hair spray . And then curled.

I was pretty cute when I left; but it was damp and by the time I got home; himself looked at me and said ‘it’s very bouncy’.

My natural hair state is Monica in holiday state.

This is after a pony tail flattened it back out a bit.

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