...the super star big sister.

The weekend continues to be good babysitting Katie and Daniel.

First of all we had an early start and Dan demolished 4 weetabix which even I struggle to do and he's only a fifth of my size.

It was good he got his energy kick because we didn't stop all day. Katie had a pottery painting class with Gemma and her crew so Claire, Dan and myself caught up with them at Apley Farm. We had a wonder around the shops and looked at the animals. 

We then went back to Stourbridge where us boys had a go-carting session which was great fun. A few years back I really got into carting and became half decent and today bought it all back and I have the bruises to prove it.

After racing there was time to grab a quick meal before dropping Katie and Daniel back to their parents. Sounds like they made the most of being kid free which is what they deserved so much, as well as going out they managed to have the house decorated with all the Christmas goodies before the children got back.

Claire and I popped into my folks briefly then returned home to watch The Sinner (season 1)

Think I'll sleep tonight

Mr Bo Hingles

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