Mono Monday - Deuce

I wasn’t sure what this word meant but as soon as i looked it up I remembered the old Beach Boys song Lil Deuce Coop...the clip at this link is totally hilarious! ;o)

Anyway when it came time to get an image for deuce I somehow veered off into the Theatre of the Absurd. The sepia tint seemed to add to the mystery of it all! ;o)

A rocking horse with feathers, yes two of them because thats what Deuce means. When i was a child I had a big rocking horse and i always wished it could take me flying up into the sky on a grand adventure!

Big thanks to John Edward for hosting MM! :o)

Rocking horse is part of the Op Shop collection and the feathers are from the local birds!

Toto has been to the vet today and they quickly discovered that he has a problem with his dog ‘knee’!! Initially they have put him onto anti-inflammatories and some pain meds and said no walks for a couple of weeks and he must lose a bit of weight! Its a wait and see situation and i’m really hoping with a bit of rest and hopefully a little bit of weight loss he will be ok.

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