Dobbies Reindeer!

Yesterday’s little Mushrooms decided to stay a couple  -  no additions to the family. Shopping in Dundee most of the day  -  mainly Dobbies and Hobbycraft  -  like walking into Alladin’s Cave. Cave. Not a good day for driving, but here's so much talk of train delays at the moment so I decided to take the car.  Driving to Dundee was a nightmare  -  the low-lying sun was reflecting off the wet roads right into my eyes.  Even my Armani Shades weren't much protection.  My heart goes out to lorry drivers and bus drivers in this sort of sun.  Coming back home was a delight  -  he sun was shining onto the hills in the distance, and the landscape was bathed in he most glorious sunshine!  The Reindeer stands outside the door of Dobbies, Dundee  -  I've solarized him a bit so that he stands out more.

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