... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mount Pond: Overlaid

Tighter take-off tolerances in large.
Extras: Echoes & Mesmeric mallard
(Last in a take-off series: right from here)

Beautiful light on the common this morning, and while the birds were mostly still snoozy (or stirring with breakfast, ablutions, and morning Pilates), there were a few moments of excitement (inc. when the Canada geese took their leave, when the cormorants took off and ski-landed, and when the mallards got in a flap). I mostly focussed on the golden light, but then became rather hypnotised by a stunning female mallard...
Realised that my front element was (chagriningly) smeary, which may have contributed to the lighting effects when shooting into the sun...

Others here (or right from Cormorant scaring Canada goose).

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