Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Whitechapel Art Gallery

This morning's excursion was to the gallery just outside Aldgate East tube station, the Whitechapel. It's always interesting, but this time the big exhibition wasn't free so we kept ourselves to the rooms that were. Interesting experimental work with children and the environment, and children and sweets.

Yes, sweets! There was an exhibition in the gallery in 1973 when the UK joined the EU. The exhibition was sweets from all over the EU, displayed on stands for all to see. 500 children were invited to see it, and they ran wild and demolished the exhibits by eating all the sweets!  There were newspaper cuttings from the time, and the new film was a comment on the whole thing in the light of leaving the EU.

The blip shows a section of the Jackson Pollock painting that was on show in one of the rooms. It's a long thin painting that must be over 4 meters long. I was amused to remember that at 17, when I was being interviewed for a place on a foundation course in art at Jacob Cramer college in Leeds, his name came up. They looked at one of my paintings (using the new fangled acrylic paints, nice and blobby) and said it was derivative of Jackson Pollock's work.  Who? I asked, never heard of him. I didn't get an offer, so I went to Rochdale.

We went for lunch to the Indian restaurant we ate at a year ago, Preem, in Brick Lane. The manager was there like before and we spoke some Swedish as he was a refugee with his first restaurant in Sweden. Great food, very plentiful and at a reasonable rate. nice!

Strolled round Spitalfields and were grateful for a dry day. Keith has developed the same lurgy as me but is a couple of days behind, I'm at the disgusting cough-that-shocks-you-awake stage, so I'm feeling a bit tired today. More drugs were purchased. I'm turning into a bit of a drug-muncher.

This is our last day in London, we're off to Sweden tomorrow flying out around lunch time. I think we are very happy to have been here, and will be very happy to get home where we can flop properly! 

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