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By kendallishere

Catching up...

Had lunch with Aimee (of the shoes), caught up on five or six subjects with her; then errands; then a phone call with a dear old friend. So tonight the Blip is my View at dusk. Haven't posted one of these in ages. And here's a suitable Ted Kooser poem to go with it. It's SO where I am now.

There was a time
when my long gray cashmere topcoat
was cigarette smoke,
and my snappy felt homburg
was alcohol,
and the paisley silk scarf at my neck,
with its fringed end
tossed carelessly over my shoulder,
was laughter rich with irony.
Look at me now.
--Ted Kooser, in Winter Morning Walks.

I'll see the knee man in the morning to discuss the MRI report. Fingers crossed....

P.S. Thanks for your wonderful response to Danialle's speech yesterday. I wish Blippers ran the world. It would be such a more reasonable, compassionate, supportive world than the one we have now.

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