... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Focal Flapper

Ripplier and rustlier a Ross'sling in large.
Extra: Autumnal grazer

Walked both ways through St. James's Park, in the morning and afternoon; photographed the Ross's geese both times... The whole family were together in the morning (the Ross'sling, its parents, and the young one from a previous year), but only the Ross'sling and its parents were together in the afternoon. 
Lots of preening, grazing, and flapping (and even flappy dance!) amongst the autumn leaves (and I took several action series...), and I also photographed unusual pigeons (the asymmetric "Two face") and crows (mutually grooming, climbinggrizzled, and grisly). A crow even scared the Ross's goose father at one point!

Today's whole bunch are here (or right from Wood pigeon on birch branch).

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