By HeidiHH


So, I spent the morning and noon helping Rach to clean the house she's put on the market. I was exhausted after all that, but glad I could help.

I wish I'd have the same energy to spend on our own house. This is not as dirty, but there's certainly some areas that could use a bit of cleaning again. Perhaps tomorrow.

I got some old curtains from Rach that I washed and hung to dry. She's always contributing to my crafting and sewing.

I did some crafting after late lunch and doggy walk, but mainly I've just been tired all day long.

We walked to see sunset this evening. It wasn't that spectacular as the sky was totally cloudless today. There was color, but I enjoy when the clouds turn to red and just flame up the sky.

If you look carefully, you can see the mountains behind the trees.

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