Lots of spirit(s) - AT180

This liquor pyramid is called a 'drank orgel' in Dutch (drinks organ as in the musical instrument). Breweries/off licenses in old days used to have such pyramids of caskets with brandy, genever and other spirits in their shops and people came with their own flasks to buy a fill-up. Seen in the Markiezenhof (the city palace museum) in Bergen op Zoom today with my sister and family at the part where  examples of local industry of old are shown.

For Abstract Thursday as a pattern , no faffing for me today. Another candidate for an abstract, a miniature fairground model with lights as seen in the Markiezenhof , in the extras. It's the first Thursday of the new month, there is no theme, everyone is completely free to make/enter any abstract they like. Remember to tag your Abstract Thursday entries with AT180 :-)

Thanks very much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's professional tree climber :-)

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