By seizetheday

Window Wanderland

The churches in Wooler have organised a Window Wanderland. Every afternoon during Advent a new window will be lit, telling the next part of the Christmas story. Today's window, in the book shop on the High Street, has the theme "He shall be called Emmanuel - God with us". Not quite sure how the window relates to that, apart from the sign, but it's a nice display. And the contraption to the right (extra) is quite intriguing. It looks like a giant wind chime - presumably an updraft would cause the sails to turn the three floors so the 'people' move round. Or maybe it's electric?

Still coughing horribly, but ventured out to pick up the wool I ordered. And a ball of cheap wool to practise on - as suggested by the owner of the wool shop. Now to see if I can remember how to knit...

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