I make a point of not buying cut flowers in the month of December.
I don’t have the largest of houses and by the time l’ve put up the decorations there’s no space for much else and l don’t like too much clutter.
So this is a shot of one the roses that are just about to be thrown out, l kept them longer than usual and some would say they are past their best but not to me, l love them like this.
Usual busy day Aerobics and some new stretching exercises .Then over the road from the gym to the shopping centre more items to pick up some items that l’ve been waiting to come into stock.

Think l’m more or less sorted with the present buying and we’ve just had delivered a few cards in the icy rain.

Took a sack of books to a charity shop that we support and called in at Booths for some sourdough bread, it was their Christmas event and there was lots of tasty treats to sample.
Tried two types of local cheese made by Bronte, new to me, delicious.
Bought a large panettone after sampling it and some stollen.

Managed to get a large and strong empty cardboard box from the local bookshop.
This month we are doing an Inverse Advent Box where we put in one item every day until Christmas Day. Then we wrap it up and take it to a local church who then distribute them to a family to refugees in either Leeds or Bradford in the new year.
So far l’ve put in some dried pasta, soap, tuna, chickpeas, olive oil and a family tin of biscuits.
I’m so enjoying thinking of something new everyday.

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