Casi tres mil - Nearly three thousand!

In Spanish the word 'hojas' means both leaves of a tree and pages of a book.
I have chosen this big heap of leaves for this special occasion - my 3000 anniversary-  because I like the double meaning of this word.
For me  blipping a photo every day is like writing a page in the journal of my life. I still do not know if I like better writing about things around or near me or taking pics of these same things. I only know that I like remembering things in my life. I do not want to forget my past.
Now that I am getting old and I have more past than future, I give great importance to my memories.
Perhaps this is not good, but I can't not forget my grandmother who died with Alzheimer disease and she could not recognise any member of her big family in the last years of her life.
If I ever lose my memory I would like someone to have a look at the 'pages' of my life, in my journals, or here in blipfoto, and read these stories to me.
In the meantime, I am grateful to the people who keep blipfoto working and to all of you who have a look at my pics and who comment on them, read my texts, excuse my mistakes in English, and give me stars and hearts!
What else could I ask for??

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