By norfolkdoc

Do we have enough for Christmas?

Our dishwasher is 24 years old, bought by W in South Africa, and came with him when he moved here.  Over the last week, it has lost the ability to progress through the cycle.  It's still possible to use it, but you have to move the cycle on manually at intervals.  W rang round local repairers, but the message from all was the same - you'll not be able to get the parts.

So we bit the bullet and ordered a new one - which necessitated a trip into Norwich.  We parked (and ordered) at John Lewis, then had a short walk down to M&S, where we wanted to order a cake.  But it was TOO busy, so we walked back, passing the Adnams store.  I am already familiar with, and enjoy, their Copper House gin, which is widely available from supermarkets and off licences, and a bottle of which I had recently purchased ready for Christmas.  But I could see they had some other gins on display.  So I just had to visit, and was able to taste several - and of course I had to buy a bottle - it would have been rude not to after that!

So this joins our stock of gin, including another local Norwich gin bought at the gin festival in October, and the recently arrived Tarquin's Cornish Christmas Gin from the Craft Gin Club.  I look forward to sharing these with my younger daughter over Christmas.  The older girl would also be welcome, of course, but I suspect she may be abstaining at the moment!

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