By craftylady

Update on W I P

As you can see the centre of the quilt is now done.  Rubbish photo, as I could not put it anywhere that all of it is in shot.  Have put it on top of our bed, but I am not tall enough to get directly above it, daren't stand on a chair to get the correct angle, so it is what it is.  All of the blocks have been cut up, turned and reassembled and the first border put on.  Just an outer border to go on and the wadding and backing to attach.   Will have to leave it for a bit now as I still have cards to make to give out on Thursday.  As you can see from the extra I have now added his name in the bottom right corner.
Strictly will be on soon and much as I love blipping, I do have to watch, it's the final you see and if I am not there who knows what will happen :-).

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