David J. Rose

By djrose007

Dietary Information

Seems like hitting 70 is a turning point in my life. Never really had much in the way of sickness, been overweight for a while but not obese.
So when I went for an annual check up and was told my blood pressure was high, when it has ALWAYS been around 120/80, I was quite shocked at 146/38!
Then there was a call from the doctor to tell me my cholestral is much too high, didn't get the figure but it's not good news.
She told me I could have statins but I declined as there are some serious side effects, I asked if I could do it with diet. She provided a dietary information sheet so when I went to pick it up I had another blood pressure check which, out of 3, averaged at 106/63. Just not very consistent is it!
Anyway, this week I've not had any butter, fat (apart from some very lean bacon a couple of days ago), very little bread, lots of salad, white fish, chicken, cereal or porridge for breakfast.
I'll see how it goes over the next week or so but in the past week I've lost 5lb (2.26kg).

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