By Birgit

To my father's

Long ago, I lived for some years at the end of the canal. The building is not on the blip. The canal is picturesque and often used as one of the highlights of Groningen.
After we made a walk through the city centre, we took the bus to visit my father's, who lives in a village next to Groningen, in the big house where we lived as a large family  of ten.
It was a nice visit. My father does not talk a lot, although after I talked  about the high costs and the amount of work people are going to face to disconnect from the gas network and for the removal of asbestos, he started talking about him moving houses.
I already have said before, that he should move to a smaller house, so there was no need to emphasize that again when he mentioned it. So, we only talked about the choices he had. All in possibilities, because he never was fond of the subject.
Then, Bert mentioned that he, if he had to move, would like to move to the province Drenthe. That surprised me. I don't think I would like it, too.

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