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We made this

Today we went to help a local gardening group at Décou'verte Garden build a compost bin out of reclaimed wood. It was an interesting experience. They only spoke a little English, my French is even worse, it was freezing cold, there were no plans, and the women I was working with didn't know how to use tools, however we go there in the end, everyone still has the right number of fingers, no one learnt any new swear words and we managed to build a perfectly stable compost bin for a local group.

Depressingly the local authority (The Saint-Malo Agglomeration) doesn't want people to compost at home, as it has bought a fancy waste plant that separates green waste out from the general waste and then sends that for commercial composting. I'm not convinced that is a sane use of tax payers money as I'm sure home composting is far more cost-effective.

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