Saved from dereliction...!

One of the hassles of living in a house which is almost 120 years old is that the slates on the roof sometimes slip. (There are plenty of bonuses too - it was certainly built to last, you should see the size of the joists under the floors compared with those in a modern house. Oh, and most of the window frames are still in remarkably good condition for their age: when we get folks trying to sell us double glazing I just say, "Oh but my house is only 120 years old, it doesn't need new windows yet" - their training doesn't seem to include an answer for that!)

Anyway I'd spotted this little problem with a slate next to the ridge, so I called our local friendly roofing chappie who's always quite happy to shin up there with his ladders and fix these things. So the first shot was taken early this morning, and the second was taken after lunch once he'd been to fix it.

I'll tag it for Derelict Sunday, as without repair the dereliction could easily spread...! (Many thanks to Marlieske for hosting.)

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