secret garden

By freespiral

Rabach Glen

Just back from an epic day out with  TJ and Roger. The wind died down, mostly (what a vile night) and it didn't rain.They took us out to the wilds of Kerry, the north side of the Beara Peninsula and Rabach's Glen. What a truly astonishing place - wild, remote, incredibly bleakly scenic, weather changing every moment and packed full of history, archaeology and even a ruined settlement - can you just make them out?  I was sobered by the thought of actually living out here even though the traces of life were all around us - old potato fields, turf cuttings and lines and lines of beautifully built mossy walls. How very tough life must have been. It has a dark history too if you read the link. 
Waterfalls tumbled down into the valley, skinny holly trees clung on to massive rocks, the  bracken stained mountains an extraordinary colour and we decided to hike up a bit further to explore the cashel (stone ringfort) perched like an eyrie above the valley. It was a skiddy hike up but worth it for the views were even more gobsmacking. Interesting skidding down too but even more interesting trying to get across two rivers. I got a wellie full but TJ, fearful that she might fall in, threw her camera across first- except it hit her shoulder and fell into the river. Himself managed to hoick it out some distance down with his walking poles. She has instructions to place it in rice for 24 hours to see if it might dry out. 
We were now seriously off piste and had to squelch through bog, the light fading but made it back to the car and on to a pub where fish and chips were taken! Wrecked Now!

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