By EvelyneNC

What a gorgeous spectacle!

This picture was taken with my fruit phone and has not been touched, so to say, straight out of camera. The original photo shows very sharp branches of the trees - but after uploading all the trees look blurry , which leaves me disappointed.
Only two hours earlier did the sun show her face and colored the grey landscape. So, inspite of Maggie having already walked 3 miles today, I motivated her for an other stroll to enjoy the fresh air and the sun. We were late. About 30 minutes into our walk the sun went down and the sky started showing all these colors.
With her 10 and a half years and her arthritis, Maggie is still going strong. Thanks to her 'daddy' who takes her on his own training walks every day.

Thank you for visiting and leaving some feed back. It is much appreciated!

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