Marine Life in Melbourne

We arrived in the beautiful city of Melbourne this morning, where we will be docked for the next two days.  Unfortunately the excursion we booked for today was cancelled, and that combined with the fact that the ginormous cruise ship Majestic Princess also docked here today with her 3,560 passengers meant that pretty much all other sight seeing options were sold out.  We took a shuttle bus into town, and walked to the aquarium, which was interesting and very well done.  We saw all sorts of creatures indigenous to this area, like sharks, saltwater crocodiles, rays, lion fish, jellyfish, eels, frogs, snakes, and turtles.  Doesn't that saltie have scarily huge jaws!  From the way Mr. W is holding his left arm, it looks like its already been nipped off!  Extra shows the Melbourne skyline as seen from our ship.

Once again, apologies for my lack of commenting ... internet is very slow aboard ship, but I do look at your lovely entries!

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