Reginald Reindeer

Today's blip is another tree decoration, it's Reginald the Reindeer. He was on a jar of sweets I was given last year and was blipped last year, today's blip is a bit better.

The observant will note that he is nether white nor snow covered, but he is a raindeer not a snowdeer after-all! So much for this December's challenge: Advent Calendar Challenge. He does have some white on him, so think of him as being red/brown with a dusting of snow....

Today has been dull but productive. We started by actually freecycling away the last of the boxes we took out of the loft last weekend. Everyone wants them but it's a royal pain in the bottom to arrange. Once they had gone we did more dull house things and I did even more ironing - finishing off the stuff that was washed just yesterday! After that was done a car full of junk was taken up to the recycling centre and then we filled it up with fresh pre-junk at the supermarket on the way home.

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