By DonnaWanna

Tiny Tuesday - Feathering the Nest

Toto just had to go for a little walk this morning, he’s been itching to do it so we took a leisurely stroll to the pop up park which is close by. He loved it and left P-Mail on everything standing ;o). There are still a lot of Ibis around and he had a bit of a bark at a few of them and looked at me as if to say ahh this is the life!! Lol. It was good to see him happy again!

Found this tiny feather near the fence where all the young ibis sit in a row so i’m presuming its one of their downy underfeathers.

The whole town was covered in smoke from some controlled burns down south and it was truly a grey day until lunchtime when it finally blew away. The light from the window in the office early this morning was gentle and grey and just perfect for this little feather. I’ve just noticed this looks decidedly better in Large with the black background!

Thanks to Freyjad for hosting! :o)x

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