Yesterday there was a start made of the demolishing of the old Gasthof Zur Linde. I had walked there, but not much had happened then.
But today in the morning we had seen from our balcony how the first stones had removed.
When we drove to Beverungen, Piet Hein stopped for me, and on the bridge over the Diemel I had a good view of the situation, and clicked and clicked.
This old hotel had been, as my neighbour told me, a pretty place for parties, weddings and other gatherings. It is situated on the road to Helmarshausen and since the traffic had become busier and busier, it stood empty and decayed every year more and more.
When we came to live here, we had wondered, that a kind of ruin stood there, an ugly entrance to our town.
It is my entry for the derelict Sunday challenge, so wonderfully hosted by Marlieske. Not often I spot derelict scenes in our surroundings, but this one, I thought, I would not have wanted to miss.

I will give more silly hearts tonight to PAR1, carolinav, ANewDay, Taffydil, and tedwin.

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