Black & White

I have seen reports suggesting very unfairly that the UK is the joke of the entire world. That's very wrong. The UK is populated by a large collection of arrogant, ignorant, self-interested, spineless jellyfish which makes them unsurpassed not only on the planet but in very outer space. Voyager II has this week been sent outside our solar system to look for something dumber.

Meanwhile back in normal parts of the world, with all its own problems, the EU and Japan today signed the biggest trade pact in the world which will come into effect in February 2019. Expect the like of Nissan and Toyota to consider where they invest in the future with basically zero tariffs coming into force:

"The EU-Japan deal covers almost 40 % of world trade and one-third of the global gross national product (GNP). 97 % of tariffs currently applicable will be abandoned. For the first time in an EU trade agreement, the goals of the Paris Agreement on fighting climate change and other environmental standards are included. “In a world where Twitter declarations initiate trade wars and where walls and protectionism have gained wide currency, the agreement with Japan is a blueprint for future agreements, an economic boost and a geopolitical imperative”

I can't see any country ever wanting to sign any trade agreement with any UK government, regardless of its left or right nature.

Laughing isn't a bad thing - tightens the facial muscles and is supposed to be good for mental health. And on a cold day like today, the Ted Heath heaving of shoulders up & down in a fit of laughter gets some body warmth. Due to get very cold by the weekend but shortly afterwards will warm up and a white Christmas is not on the cards.

Posting this an hour before the Tory ballot closes. I suspect May has paid off some of her friends with promises of knighthoods to put in letters and thereby force the vote knowing she will win and be "safe" for a year. However, the Tory party are known for being particularly treacherous, blood-thirsty, spineless and self-interested when it comes to secret ballots within their own ranks. "Of course, dear Theresa I voted for you" as he accepts the Sir title and scuds off down to the pub Gentleman's Club to have a gin & tonic with his ERG pals.

PS have been cutting off comments from time to time as have been doing lots of back-blipping which confuses people even more than any UK politician can.

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