Singing reindeers

A busy day - Zumba followed by aqua class. Then, after picking up Ella my granddaughter we went to the stable yard where she mucked out Basil's stable and tended to his needs. I haven't felt as cold as I did there, trying to help. This must have been the coldest day so far, although it's been very bright and dry

We continued our day by going to Millbrook Garden Centre for afternoon tea and a browse around their Christmas displays. They had a magnificent Christmas tree bejewelled in red and gold. A quick estimate decided that to replicate this would cost in the region of £500.

There were singing reindeers - my blip - which were very amusing.

I loathe driving along the unlit country lanes after dark. Everyone drives so fast and whizz past at great speed. It's very stressful and I think I would rather be at home in the warm.

My extra is of some of the horses at the stable, including Basil.

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