What the... zebra?

Back to work today.  Knackered!  Super busy, too.

There were many things to photograph on the way home tonight, but I think this was my favourite, as I wasn't expecting it, and managed to capture the reaction of this man who clearly wasn't either :)  There were also several mini icebergs outside the Bloomberg building near Cannon Street - part of an art installation called Ice Watch.  May use those for another day (as long as they don't melt too soon).

Helped Char run some errands at lunch - a quick dash to the Barbican shop (to buy a Christmas present for her temp), then to a fancy chocolate shop off London Wall (another present), and then to Chipotle where we both bought huge burritos for lunch.

Busy evening.  I skipped the neighbourhood watch meeting I was meant to be going to (that's an hour of my life I get back).  Cooked a curry for dinner, helped Tim with the online food shop, and somehow that was most of the evening gone.

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