Left the 'boys' measuring up the flat and preparing for a slower drive home than their journey up north. Their car was still looking sprightly this morning after what must have been quite a battering in the race
Chatted to AR as I walked to work - can't believe she's 3 today!
Morning of interviewing - all went well and according to plan/hopes, then although I'd hoped to take the afternoon off to do some catching up with Christmas preparations I ended up staying in the office and getting a pile of stuff done. Quite satisfying to make progress (despite it not being the type of catching up I'd planned), then out again in the freezing wind to go to a reception/mixer event. Quite fun and some good chats, then home to try and write lists to make the most of the next few days.
Throughout the day my mind was drifting off to consider the more major renovations M&A started to plan last night.....I wonder?!

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