Learning day by day

By EmmaF

A week and counting!

A week tonight and I am done! Kids not so much, they have either a day or a full day left, but at 15.20 next Thursday, I am done.

Santa Lucia today. Sweet assembly with biscuits to follow. School tradition on 13th December. Christmas countdown has started now.

Tonight was KS1 evening performance. They did really well. I was side of stage/prompt/props lady. Carys came with me as she didn't want to stay at home in the dark (Jim took W to tennis). She helped kids into costumes, read to some of them while they were waiting for it to start and then was the runner for the TA who was top of stairs. She did well, proud of my big girl.

Walking Will home from school tonight he came out with "Mummy, what's Santa's small helper called? Subordinate clause!" The cheesy joke in the class advent calendar. However, he followed it up with "Do you know what an embedded relative clause is?" This wasn't a joke and he went on to give examples all the way home! eg: The cat, whose favourite place was the chimney pot, jumped from roof to roof to get there. Give me strength!

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