Pictorial blethers

By blethers


A different view from my usual of the ferries that are our lifeline, as I headed from where I'd left the bus (Glasgow-Largs via McInroy's Point) just in time to see the next ferry approaching the slip. I was rather pleased with that big framing tree on the left - as well as just the way the ferries look against my home patch.

And I was reflecting on how living here, where every journey involves either a ferry or a long drive over often difficult roads, seems to make all of us who have made our home on the Cowal peninsula more can-do when it comes to travel. We plan our trips with due care for weather, timetables, links with other modes of transport - and then we jolly well go for it. My journey today was merely to get my hair cut; I think an hour each way by bus (and I got the first bus actually in Dunoon) and ferry (which I had to board on foot going home) is a price worth paying for a good cut. Tomorrow I'll be on the bus again, a couple of hours early, to go to Glasgow again - second time in just over a week, but less stressful on the bus. It's going to be cold, and we're just going to miss the threatened snow/sleet/whatever it decides it's going to be on Saturday. It's going to be windy too. But that's ...winter.

Winter also brings some amazing sunrises. I was hanging out the window in the teeth of the east wind again this morning, but my extra photo was actually taken at my back door, of the wonderful pink clouds catching that lurid sunrise colour.

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