Look like a leaf

They are so quick these little birds when they visit the feeders. Always on the look out for danger and looking so like the leaves on my rose bush.. don''t you think?
I took hundreds of photos but so few actually had the eye in focus that it was disappointing.. l settled for this one in the end.
Busy day at the foodbank.. so many families crying out for help and even though we recently collected nearly two tonnes of food we have only got one banana box of tinned meat left and in the new year we will have to start buying it again.  
Goodness. ... it is the weekend already!! Last choir rehearsal tonight for the concert tomorrow.. the new church venue always throws us off so this rehearsal is vital to get used to the acoustics and also used to standing in performance formation ... somehow you never end up with the people you normally stand with anywhere near you in the concert so that also throws us!!

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