Good Morning, Sydney!

Up at first light to go up on the top deck to watch our approach into Sydney Harbour, and to catch my first glimpse of the famous Opera House and bridge.  Grey and misty, with low hanging clouds threatening rain, but hey!  I'll take what I can get!  Check another bucket list moment off the list.  What a spectacular building the Opera House is.  As we approached the bridge, I realized that there were tiny people trudging up the very topmost part, silhouetted against the sky.  Rather them than me, but I did appreciate their helping to make an interesting shot.  500 passengers disembark this morning, and 500 replacements will come aboard this afternoon, so lots of new faces to get to know.

Update:  Later in the day, the sun came out, and we had the most amazing tour of the Opera House with an incredible guide.  More shots of this gorgeous building in extras.

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