By NinjaShoe

Ice Bar Baby

Today Sandra and I surprised Kate with a trip to London.  She was expecting a day out in Cambridge but our taxi 1 (Martin) veered off to the train station instead.

We started off with a wander down Regent Street, including popping in at Hamley's, and then lunch at Brasserie Zedel .... and then on to an Ice Bar , where we had to don a cape and gloves to drink our cocktails, from a cup made of ice, whilst surrounded by ice sculpture including a lion a Beefeater and a London taxi....  More wanderings and then BOGOF cocktails at Waterstones before heading home to Whittlesford where taxi 2 (Vince) was waiting.

What a lovely day with great friends.  A few more photos here.  

PS,  If you need some ideas for a celebratory day in London - ask Sandra x.

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