Life with Alice

By elirin

Home Alone

Mum had what sounded like hundreds of errands to run for us and Grandma, so I wasn’t surprised when she said “Stay here. Be back soon.“ That’s what she says when she leaves the house and I’m not coming with. I have learned that “soon” is not to be taken literally, sometimes “soon” means hours and hours. I was OK with it today, we were just back from walkies and I spent the time catching up on my snoozing.

Our favourite televison programme is On the tracks. It’s now broadcasted on Friday evenings. It’s a game show where the contestants are shown a very fast running video looking out the window of a train and clues are given about the city where we’re headed. They have to guess the correct city as quickly as possible, and then answer all sorts of questions about that city. Today it was Limerick, Shanghai and Stavanger. It’s great! Major cosy time.

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