By Tryfan46

Sheltering on the banks of Ullswater

It will surprise you to learn we’re still in the Lakes staying an extra night at the Inn on the Lake.

The forecast was so dire that we debated long and hard as to whether to make the long trip south. Fortunately, the hotel was able to accommodate us for an additional night.

I suspect we’d have been OK but it just didn’t seem worth the risk. We did get our for a walk of course, covering another 10 miles or so from Glenridding to Dockray and back via Aira Force along another section of the Ullswater Way.

A few people about. The cafe at Aira Force was closed owing to the forecast bad weather which was a blow but the Royal Hotel in Dockray was open for business and provided a very welcome bowl of hot soup and bread.

The rain really set in on the way back to Glenridding. We were walking into it all the way. Driving winds too. The wet weather gear stepped up to the mark and kept us snug and dry.

We were not the only candidates for Silly Saturday although I’m not sure there is a topic for today. We were surprised to see canoeists on Ullswater this morning. The lake was quite choppy, the winds bitingly cold. Anyway, if there is, thank you to Admirer for hosting.

So, now we’re sitting back in the room we thought we’d vacated, warm by a radiator blasting out heat (and drying gloves etc) drinking tea, doing blips and generally relaxing.

The drive south should be fine tomorrow, fortunate that there was nothing that we needed to get home for.

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