simple moments

By simplemoments

a butterscotch...


to begin the day

since i continue to suffer - from insomnia, i am usually up during - the hours of sunrise - and i am beginning to recognize the telltale - signs of when the skies will - produce truly knockout colors - i could tell straight away - this morning was going to be special

however i wasn't quite prepared - when this rather spectacular - golden butterscotch suddenly appeared - before my eyes in wonderful abandonment - i was a wild woman snapping madly - trying to get many angles before - the colors shifted as they do - so quickly with a sunrise - the birds flying through - was a definite bonus

once uploaded, i knew without question - this would be my choice for the day - i kept coming back to it even - though i'd taken so many others as well - it's the colors which were calling to me - and as such i have done no faffing about - with it other than a slight crop - it was better in person but i still - hope you can share an appreciation - for its glorious nature and in so doing will experience...


happy day.....

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