Cups and glasses

This is our haul of Christmas market cups and glasses we took back from Germany at the weekend.  I say 'we' but funnily enough, they all ended up in my bag for taking back to The Hague,  not Tom's one!

If you've been to these markets you'll know the story - you go to the vendor and buy a hot chocolate or a Gluhwein etc and it will come to you in a festive cup/glass bearing the name or logo of that particular city.  You pay a deposit for the cup/glass along with your first drink and you can choose to return it thus getting your deposit back, or you can take it home as a momento. 

This haul seems rather drastic but, when clearing out my loft back in Scotland before we moved here to the Netherlands, I dropped the box containing all the cups/glasses from our previous Christmas market trips from the top of the loft ladder to the floor below, breaking the majority of them, so I felt I had a bit of replacing to do!  That then meant we had to have a few Gluhweins...it was a struggle but I feel we've replaced our losses.

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