White on white

Somehow I was convinced today's prompt for 30 days of prompts in the EDPS camera club was 'white' and thus I set out to retry a white on white image I had made several years ago, this time with as few light reflections as possible (in the light tent with all sides closed, camera through a slit). Turns out that prompt is for tomorrow, but it did give me an idea for this coming Thursday's Abstract Thursday challenge. After last Thursday filled with colours how about this last Thursday before Christmas with a theme of 'white or other coloured monos', so an abstract in white or in another sole colour? The tag will be AT182

Thanks so much for many colourful entries last Thursday, here is my list of specials:
Tigger101   for a rainbow of colours pattern with pulling in power
Inverculain  for looking up and seeing the abstract in a Christmas decoration in a building
Gitama        for a very intricate and colourful Christmas bauble
davidc         for seeing and capturing a colourful reflection on the car
rainie           for turning 3 oranges into a multi coloured watercolour

Thanks very much for all your entries, looking forward to seeing your single colour abstracts !

And thank you very much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's tulip bauble.

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