Last Lingering Leaf

I am interested in Infra-red photography and, ages ago, bought a screw on filter to use for this.   Unfortunately a filter means a long exposure (=movement) and a complicated conversion process in software, so latterly I have just been using the preset in Lightroom which is reasonably effective.  I thought I might get one of my remaining Nikons converted, so found out how to go about that.  Meanwhile, I looked on Ebay to see what conversions were available.  The downside to converting a Nikon is that I would need to carry around the right lenses to fit along with all the Olympus kit.  I continued my search on ebay, now keeping to Olympus or Panasonic conversions when all my current lenses will fit.

I already have a Panasonic G5 so dug that out from the drawer, popped my 60mm Olympus on it and headed out into the garden.  I've been meaning to try this out for some time as it will be useful to have a second camera body to hand.  I wanted to see what the G5 could do and am pleased with the result bearing it mind it was quite breezy and handheld.

To continue the IR saga, I found a G5 on Ebay already converted for not a lot and thought it worth trying.  If all works out, then I will  have a second useful Pano/Olympus body plus the Infra red version and all lenses etc will fit.  I'll let you know later in the week when the IR camera has arrived.

A fun and busy day as well, with a pre-Christmas drinks & canapes 'do' at lunch time, when we caught up with some very good friends as well as meeting other interesting people.  Followed by an evening chatting with the son of neighbours currently on holiday but son had called in here to get the keys; he ended up staying for a meal where we had several glasses of wine and great conversation.

Maybe a quiet day tomorrow as it's been a hectic few days.

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