Marsupium Photography

By magi


Usual Sunday activity. After a slow start, I did some cleaning. Rowan did some more Christmas baking. In the afternoon we went to see Mortal Engines. We all really liked the film. It's a great story and the film followed it relatively closely. Costumes are fantastic. All quite steam punk. It is quite far off from hard SciFi, but it didn't pretend either. So great entertainment.

Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary is planning to slash immigration from the EU to the UK by requiring a minimum annual income of 30k. I came as a student in the mid nineties. I then did a PhD which was industry funded because I couldn't get funding from the research council as an EU foreigner. My first real job was working as post doc. I earned a lot less than the proposed threshold. I met my wife, we moved to Aberdeen where I worked as geophysicist for an oil company. I did get 30k then, but it took a while. I would have been slashed.

Brexit is such a mess. I think the most damaging aspect are the lies coming from both the Tories and Labour promising unrealistic goals and blaming others. It is difficult to see how huge disappointments can be avoided.

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