By GracieG

Lion of Stiffkey

What a sparkling morning...yes, the sky really was that blue.  Chilly at 8'C but just a gentle breeze, (which is unusual out on the marshes), which was just as well as I managed to forget to take my woolly hat and gloves with me:(

B, A and I walked from Morston Quay to Blakeney Quay and back along the Norfolk Coastal path.  We had a protracted break in the middle, enjoying 'The Lookout' at the Blakeney hotel. This first floor lounge offers splendid views over the marshes, so we sank into comfortable armchairs, phoned down to reception for coffee and toasted teacakes and sat and chatted...heaven!  A splendid walk with good friends, just perfect.

I spent this afternoon making the components for my Christmas pudding ice cream (ready to assemble and freeze tomorrow) and applied the marzipan to the Christmas cake.  Sadly, there was some marzipan left...but no chore for me, ha ha...I just love it!

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