Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Crazy Ears

When I pick up Thor in the afternoons we go outside and he runs circles around me for several minutes until he calms down enough to give me sweet hello kisses.  My extra shows him taking a break but if I walk toward him before he's done, he starts the circles again.  He's growing so fast, up to 35 pounds already (at about 6 months old)!  That's more than a 5 pound gain in the four weeks since he's been in his new home.  He's a very happy boy but still a little timid.  He still isn't completely comfortable with Pipersdad but he sure loves Piper. :-)  I'm glad I snapped these photos with my phone because they're the only ones I took today.

It was another exhausting day but the good news is that my shopping is completely done!  I still have to go food shopping on Friday (because I won't go on the weekend!!) but that should be easy.  Tomorrow morning I'm going to catch up on Blip!  Then I'll start wrapping.

I am grateful that I'm feeling more caught up and organized and I can start planning what I'll be cooking and baking for Christmas! 


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