New baby

My smallest of 4 orchids has recently produced this tiny flower spike.

Always exciting, just the 3 others to follow now. So hopefully, seeing me fuss over ‘junior’, will spur them into action. They have never failed yet. The oldest is 6 years old. I expect the first flowers to appear soon after Christmas.

We are making up for the lack of summer rain. Today’s a repeat of Saturday (yellow alert in force for wind and rain). So I’ve taken advantage of it and massaged a castor oil/almond oil mix on my hair. The castor oil is a recommendation from sis-in-law who has gorgeous locks, but read on-line (as one does) it can be blended with other oil. 2 hours on and am about to wash it off.

Plan to go out, we’ll see. Lots to catch up with at home.

Thanks Freyjad, for hosting Tiny Tuesday.

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