musings of a Nepali girl

By Pratiksha


and her youngest daughter walked with me to the district headquarter from their village in Mangri to show me the way and help me carry my bag. At first I thought I could carry my tiny bag myself, but after knowing that it would give someone a job I felt at peace.

Numu (little girl) needed a new school uniform. So didi had her tagged along. Didi would feel comfortable walking back to Mangri with her little girl.

Didi (which translates as older sister) is in her early forties and her life is full of stories: some will make you cry and some are happy stories. Married early, didi had eight daughters, of which only four survived. Her oldest is happily married unlike didi. Pemba, didi's youngest goes to one of the schools UMN partners with to improve the quality of education.

On our walk to Gamgadi we talked about different things even though we didn't understand each other's language. She told me about her alcoholic husband. She shared about four of her surviving daughters. She was excited to tell me that she has now learned to write her name through a literacy class run by her son in law (who works at a UMN partner organisation).

What an opportunity to share a day learning about the determination and the experiences of this lovely woman from Mugu.

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