By PurbeckDavid49

trip to the Harz mountains (memories of the Wall)

Discovered by accident!

This booking was confirmation of our trip and visas to the Harz mountains - in fact, to the pretty old town of Wernigerode in East Germany.

The Iron Curtain was still in existence, its would crumble in Berlin a few months after our visit.  (No connection with us.)

For non-German car travellers to the East there was only one checkpoint: - at Helmstedt, on the road to Magdeburg.  Waiting at the checkpoint took about an hour.  I engaged in discussion with a young VoPo - he was initially very suspicious, but when I told him we were going on holiday to Wernigerode for a few days his attitude changed totally.  He said that he came from the Harz, and gave a few suggestions for sites to visit.

VoPo = Volkspolizei = People's Police

I have some photos of our visit, will have to find them and post them to 1989.  There was (and is) a delightful narrow gauge steam railway there.

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