Robert Ostrochovsky

By youoregon1

Shopping For Pigeon Fun

Great dark clouds and a couple of rainbows came out early today.
And right on cue, the pigeon teams were in force,  this time, shopping for gold.
Fitting for Wide Wednesday. Just too bad I did not act quick enough for this rainbow which reached clear across the sky. I wish I was 'sky degree' savvy, because I would say it was at least 120º if I knew what I was talking about. But Layne and I agreed it had the biggest breadth we have seen. And the pigeons are out every day, so the timing was exciting.

It was befitting a Wild Wednesday also.

I have been jumping on more retired projects, and it is wacky I seem to have less time for everything, but I am a Gemini and usually take on more than my juggling hands can deal with.
So comments are off, and consistency behind.

Have a Wild Wednesday!!

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