Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Sunrise in the bathroom

I wanted to show the darkness, and the explosion of light as the sun comes up.
So here you have it.
The snowman/penguin was an unexpected gift from Jackie in Blackburn, I love it for being both sweet and softly felted.
The red elf is a traditional Swedish "Tomte", there are hundreds of different little red figures with big red hats at this time of year.
They sort things out on the farm, and they bring the presents.
And they like rice pudding and a shot too.

Today we socialised with Ann, one of our closest neighbours and friend.
We drove there to deliver a card and a present as we are convalescent.
Lovely to have relaxed time with another newly retired person, who also says no to working!
I have just constructed a vegetable soup with some Norwegian cod dropped into the stock at the last minute.
It was fished by Ann and given to us a while back.
Generosity abounds, I am filled with gratitude for all the good things, and good people in my life. 

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